Te'lin Howell

"Where words fail, music speaks" 

- Hans Christian Andersen


If anyone could attest to how music speaks an emotion we sometimes can't put into words its Te'lin Howell...

18 year old Te'lin Howell was clearly born to sing. He began singing at a very young age and discovered his passion for music through the Disney Channel which has since expound beyond what anyone could have imagined.


With a gospel background, Te'lin has found a love for indie pop and began writing beautiful music that connects uniquely with ones soul. He has such a sweet sound and sings with ease. One would argue he can move his vocal cords in ways that challenges even the most seasoned vocalist.

Though he has taken the world by storm with his undeniable singing ability, we'd all be remiss not to acknowledge his many other talents from spitting bars like the greats J. Cole and Drake, Howell has also taken part in writing and producing many of his own projects as well as other local artists.

Te'lin's work has reached many around the world - with his most streams coming all the way from Australia - and received rave reviews and support  from popular West Coast artists like Jerreau and Kehlani. The up and coming artist was featured in an interview with Nothing But Vibes and has only touched the surface of what's to come.


Stay on the lookout for even more versatile music from Te'lin Howell with his next single releasing this Friday, February 25th, entitled "Scared to Lose".

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